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12 Hours of the Canal Loop

12 Hour Endurance Mountain Bike Event
Solo & Team Relay

Date: September 26th, 2015 (The event has been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

Time: 0900-2100

Course: The Canal Loop Trail

Location: The Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky
Map & Course Location

View the Event Flyer.



Online Registration is preferred & guarantees that you will receive a t-shirt and all sponsor & event material in your schwag bag. 

 Online Registration is provided through:

Normal event registration fees apply until July 15th. At that time event registration fees incease by $10.00. Online Registration closes on September 24th.

You may also register on-site the Friday before the race. On-site registration is located on the Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, Trail Head Parking Lot.
registration incurs a late registration fee of $10.00 per person.

Waiver Signature & Schwag Bag Pick-up

All registrants/participants will receive a schwag bag with sponsor & race materials & a T-shirt. 

Participants that have pre-registered via bikereg will have a printed out event waiver they must sign. All others must fill an event waiver out the old fashioned way.

Once the event waiver has been signed you will receive your bib #, schwag bag, and t-shirt.

Rules & Regulations

This event is privately insured. However, we will be using the USAC rulebook.

View USAC Rulebook.

Event Specific Rules

Racers need to plan to support themselves with food/drink/tools. We will do our best to keep our water/Gatorade coolers filled.

Racers are required to use primary light, at least 200 lumens, either mounted on the handlebars or helmet, beginning at 1800. You must also have a secondary light source of any type (penlight, small flashlight, handlebar light, etc.).

All racers must state their bib # to race officials at the transition area when they end or start their lap.
If ending your lap state (# 45 off)
If beginning your lap state (#45 on)
If you do not state this we cannot guarantee that your lap time will be scored accurately.

The course has several technical shortcuts (log crossings) that may be utilized. Arrows on the course mark all technical shortcuts and the alternate trail. These shortcuts may cut a few seconds off your time, but have a higher risk of failure than the alternate course. *Choose wisely!

Mechanicals while on your lap - You must either backtrack on the trail to the transition area, where your lap will be incomplete, and a teammate may take your spot, or you can finish the course for a completed lap.

If you leaved the marked race course at any time, for mechanical reasons or otherwise, you will be disqualified.

Event Details

The event starts at 0900 and ends at 2100.

The event starts with a Le Mans start, approximately 0.2 mile run to bikes staged on the Kentucky lake scenic drive. Running surface is gravel/pavement.

New this year, all laps must be completed by 2100 in order to count. You can start any time up to the end of the event, but that lap will only be counted on the results if it completed before 2100.

You win by having the most laps in the fastest amount of time. If competitors have the same number of completed laps, the winner is chosen bases on the last lap's finishing time; earlier finish time (clock time, not lap time) wins.

Water/Gatorade coolers are provided, as well as miscellaneous food (cookies, trail mix, bananas, etc.).

Spaghetti dinner, usually around 1800, free to all participants and volunteers.

The Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive is closed to thru traffic from Friday night to Sunday morning. Camping is allowed. You may camp on the drive itself or in the parking lot/trail head, near the transition area. No cost to you.

Glow Light sticks availabe to customize your bike for after-hours.

Hang out by the fire after awards is over on Saturday or before the race Friday night.

Categories & Entry Fee's

Amateur Categories - $50.00/Person

Competitive Categories - $60.00/Person

Above prices increase by $10.00 on July 15th.

You may register on-site on the day before the event incuring a $10.00/Person late fee.

A full list of categories can be found on the event flyer.

We offer 6-Hr Solo, Solo, Duo, and 4-Person classes.

Coed teams consist of at-least one female.

Amateur Teams can have no more than half of the team made up of Cat 1  racers.


 All categories receive awards to top 3 places. If more than 10 teams/racers than top 5 places.

Amateur Categories - Unique Award.

Competitive Categories - **Cash Awards - $250/150/100
If less than 5 people in the cash categories, the purse is reduced to $100/$75/$50

Everyone has a chance to receive additional merchandice through a raffle/throw out of sponsorship items and items provided by Endurance +.


*Only the ones listed are recommended. If you have a question regarding one that isn't listed, email us.

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
(270) 362-4271

Kenlake State Resort Park
(270) 474-2211

Inn by the Lake
(270) 362-4278

Patti's Inn and Suites
(270) 928-2740

Comfort Inn and Suites
(270) 527-5300

Grand Rivers Inn
(270) 362-4487


Events like this one don't happen unless we have volunteers to staff road crossings, hand out water, and help with registration, etc. So PLEASE if you want to help, or know anyone who wants to help, please contact me by email or the phone number on the flyer. All volunteers that give at least an hour of service will get an event t-shirt and free drinks/food at the event.

If you have any questions, please email us here.