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White Lightning

Date: June 7th, 2015

Course: the Canal Loop -- BASSACKWARDS!
Course Map for further details.

Location: the Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, North end of Land Between the Lakes, Off of the Trace/Hwy 453 N

Time: First category begins at 0845. Please see the flyer for a full list of start times.

Event Flyer.

This event went well, had great weather, and everyone had a great time. Thanks to all the participants that came out and races, as well as all those that assisted in delivering a great event!

2015 Results.

Rules & Regulations

This race is privately insured. We will be using the USAC rulebook. It it the racers responsibility to know the rules.

USAC Rulebook.


Online Registration is the preferred method. On-Site registration is available incurring a $10.00 late registration fee.

Online registration is provided thru Bikereg.

On-site registration is located at the start/finish location on the Scenic Drive.

Entry Fee:

Online - $25.00

On-Site - $35.00

Kids - $5.00


 A full list of categories is included on the event flyer. The event has experience division levels, Cat 1 - 3, and age breakouts in each division level. Junior and kids are welcome to attend, with courses for both.

Cat 1, Pro - 3 Laps
Cat 2, SS, Clyesdale - 2 Laps
Cat 3, Juniors - 1 Lap
Kids 10-12 - B Connector x 1 
Kids 7-9 - A Connector x 1
 4-6 - Ky Lake Drive


Awards go 3 deep in each category. If more than 10 racers in the category awards will go 5 deep.

Cat 1, Pro - $150 category purse
Cat 2, SS, Clyesdale, Combined 50+ - Unique Award
Cat 3, Juniors - Medals
Kids - Medals

Cash awards follow a 50/30/20 % split
Merchandise awards follow a 45/25/15 $ value split.


*Only the ones listed are recommended. If you have a question regarding one that isn't listed, email us.

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
(270) 362-4271

Kenlake State Resort Park
(270) 474-2211

Inn by the Lake
(270) 362-4278

Patti's Inn and Suites
(270) 928-2740

Comfort Inn and Suites
(270) 527-5300

Grand Rivers Inn
(270) 362-4487


Events like this one don't happen unless we have volunteers to staff road crossings, hand out water, and help with registration, etc. So PLEASE if you want to help, or know anyone who wants to help, please contact me by email or the phone number on the flyer. All volunteers that give at least an hour of service will get an event t-shirt and free drinks/food at the event.

View the flyer for more information.

If you have questions about the event, please email us.


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